My Fairy Tale Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who loved to play house. She had many dolls and she pretended they were alive and she was their mom. She didn’t need a husband in her fantasy because her daddy was always there and she felt safe and secure and besides she was too young to get married and planned to marry her daddy when she grew up. Because she had good parents, she didn’t have to worry about paying bills, fixing dinner, cleaning, shopping, decorating, and all the stuff that goes with being a real mom and homemaker. She just loved “playing house” in her own little world.

One day she grew up, got married (not to her daddy of course) and plunged headfirst into the real world of a real husband, dishes, diapers, pets, bills, laundry, regular healthy meals, cell phones, Facebook, credit cards, soccer practice, ballet lessons and a million other things that pulled her away from her original joy of “playing house.” She ended up in a big mess, but she knew deep down inside that she could beat this, so she went on Amazon and a book called Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise caught her eye. She ordered it.

As she read it, she discovered she was NOT alone! She wasn’t the only one who couldn’t pull everything together and be happy at the same time. She decided to try the 3×5 card file system that saved Pam and Peggy way back in 1977. She made out her cards and discovered that Pam and Peggy were right! The only thing a SHE lacked was direction. With direction and that’s what the cards gave her, she was able to break all of the tasks of running a clean and cozy home into manageable parts and be happy too. With the card file she was able to start “playing house” again, just like she did when she was little.

And she lived tidily, cozily and happily ever after.
Lisa G.

Pam here: This could very well have been my fairytale story, only in it my sister and I found the answer and wrote the book. I loved Lisa’s email because I think we are all still little girls on the inside and we love being homemakers, we just get overwhelmed at the scope of what it means to be one. In addition to the 3×5 cardfile system, the SHE De-junking video and Flylady’s flight plan are the best tools I know of for SHEs dedicated to staying on track. The combination of these tools is the best chance we SHEs can give ourselves. To get the SHE De-junking video (down-load) and the 3×5 card file (down-load) the best two tools to start the SHE system,×5-cardfile-system/

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