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Hi FlyLady!

I am a full time college student and my mom finally convinced me check out I currently live in the dorms on campus, and I can’t seem to keep my life in order! I find it especially difficult with my busy schedule to keep my tiny space with my homework, bills, clothes, and other college clutter in order. Do you have any suggestions specifically for young women living in a small space (dorm room, apartment, sorority house?) who are constantly on the go?

Thanks So Much!
Aspiring FlyGirl 🙂

The reason you are having problems keeping you tiny space in order is because you have too much stuff in that small area. As for your homework; that comes first, but if you have a hard time working in a cluttered space then you may have to do some crisis cleaning to get the space functioning again. Your situation is no different from the rest of us that are always on the go! Face it sweetie. Women are on the GO all the time; wait till you have a family! Enjoy your time now. Here is a podcast for Crisis Cleaning.

Here is a College Student Control Journal

Everyone needs structure in your life; right now you do not have any. You are pretty much in reaction mode. It is time for you to sit down at your desk and download your College Student Control Journal. Last week we had a great testimonial from a college student that had her own office in a bag for her paperwork. Here it is.

Dear FlyLady,

I thought you would enjoy this. My 19 year old daughter is away at university and was tested as “right off the charts” ADD. We thought your office in a bag would be a help in her staying organized for lectures. This is the email she sent me last night and in the subject line she called it “my little purple lifesaver”

Hey Mommy,

I got my bag and I LOVE IT! I’ve set it up so that on the side with all the pockets are all my pencils and pens and highlighters and I have extra paper and post-it’s in the big pocket, and then my pink pad of paper on the other side with my daily to-do list. It has been working SO well. I know exactly what I have to do each day and my pens and highlighters are right there to cross it off as I do it. Then I just zip it up and go to class and everything is still right there with me. I think its a great idea and now its always open on my desk.

Thanks so much for another great thing to keep me sane!
Elizabeth (Your ADD Princess) LOL

FlyLady Here: I am fond of Pam and Peggy’s word Sidetracked. We do have those tendencies to forget things. This is why having the Office in a Bag is such a great tool for us. We have everything we need in one place and we can just grab it and go. It also keeps our desk cleared off so we can work without feeling clutter.

They come in four colors; Purple, Black, Blue and now RED! You can also order a Control Journal to go with it.

Some parents are encouraging their children to personalize the black bag with paint pens to make the pretty. We all love to create and make things pretty.

Get then a big calendar to help them keep up with their projects.

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