The Happiness File

Pam! I figured something out about how my mood affects my energy when it comes to keeping up with the house, two kids, three cats, two dogs, and a husband. Last Sunday during our silent prayer time at church, I decided to day-dream an organized life, like you had us do at the Happiness Retreat in Woodland! Suddenly in my mind’s eye I WAS organized and I saw myself delegating to my loving family the way the Lord would. I could feel how easy everything was with routines and good habits. I saw Flylady’s wonderful calendar on the wall in our family room (it was really in my home office on the table) and how eager the family was about what was coming up on it.

What happened to me in that short space of time was I actually could FEEL what it’s like to have a life of order. When we got home from church that feeling followed me and every morning I’ve done another five minutes of daydreaming. Almost a week later, that wonderful feeling is still with me.

You might wonder how this has translated to an organized home. I’m the one who’s changed more than the state of the house and family so far. I have renewed energy and yet I’m very calm. I know I have all the tools and I know it’s going to be easy to accomplish. Before, my main tools for my sanity were blame and denial. They got me absolutely nowhere. Before I felt overwhelmed, but now, I know I’m on my way.

Abby Reynolds

Pam here: Being organized is as much a matter of mind management, as it is time management. Yes, we need to have a watch and a calendar (and look at them) but unless we’ve programmed our beautiful minds with positive feeling affirmations, we’ll keep repeating old behaviors. In the Happiness File, in the chapter I wrote about Freedom I explained how to use positive affirmations in order to elicit change in your behavior and ultimately change in your circumstances. That’s what Abby did while in church last Sunday. Our affirmations about any change must be set in present time. In other words, if you affirm “I will be organized,” you are really saying, “I’m not organized now.” When you affirm, “I am organized,” and you feel it as Abby did, you begin to open the door to the energy that creates worlds, to flow through you. Just spending five minutes a day basking in the feeling of being organized will change the way you relate to your home and family. The Happiness File was written to help SHEs get the wondrous, happy feeling that comes with peace and order. Its message is positive and resonates with the notion that we are here to enjoy life not struggle in it. The Happiness File is available as an audio book, CDs, E-book or PDF file you can print out. (Priced from $9.95 to $19.95.)

(I just went on Amazon to see what the Happiness File hardback book (which is out of print) is selling for and I was shocked! $599 for one book!)

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