Clutter of Giving

I never thought giving could be clutter, but it is.

I did the same thing with giving as I did with house clutter. I joined too many causes, because I liked them.  I kept memberships active, long after my interest waned. I committed too often to working late; the extra buck was too good to pass up. I gave too much time and energy to too many other people’s lives, just because I thought I should do it.

The clutter of giving was fraught with the same convoluted sense of obligation I had to the house clutter. Fear of scarcity in the future. Fear of severing my past. Fear of losing my identity. Fear of feeling guilty. I stayed committed to all of it, just like I kept my house clutter. Over-extended, frazzled, tired, worn down, my calendar suffered the same chaos as the house. I ran out of time as I had run out of space. I had no energy to say yes to anything new.

I have learned to ask, NEED, USE, LOVE with the house clutter. I have to ask the same questions about what I choose to give. Do I need to give this, is this giving really useful, is this giving out of love?

Identifying what I love to give, need to give, what was actually useful to give, is making my commitments manageable.  I chose what to keep in my house. I can choose what to give. Flying, with space on the calendar, for me.

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