From the Inertia of Guilt to the Action of Flying

My mother gave a very expensive food processor to me ten years ago, for Christmas. I don’t use a food processor. There is not room for it on my counters. I never even opened the box, just put it into a cabinet in the kitchen. It was so huge it filled half the cabinet space. I had to remove a shelf so it would fit.

Now I am in the 2012 world of Flylady. I don’t love, use or need the food processor. I KNOW I have to put  in the Goodwill pile. It’s out of the cabinet, sitting on the kitchen floor. But the GUILT!!  It’s a top of the line model, must have cost a fortune. My mother works so hard and money is tight for her. I am agitated with the decision – so torn between guilt and Flying – what’s the right thing to do?

I decided to tell my mother that I had never used this food processor and see if she knew of someone who wanted it before I headed to Goodwill.

I picked up the phone and called my mother.

I asked, “Mom, remember that really nice food processor that you gave to me for Christmas in 2002?”

She answered, “A food processor? What are you talking about?  I don’t remember ever giving a food processor to you.”

Do I laugh or do I cry? Ten years of guilt taking up my precious cabinet space, the turmoil of indecision, and she didn’t have the foggiest recollection of giving a food processor to me.

She couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a food processor, and said her own was wearing out from years of constant use and needed to be replaced, but was too costly. I told her I would return the still factory sealed Christmas gift for her to use. She was delighted, to get a new food processor.

But the real gift in this exchange was mine. On my shelf, for ten years, all that guilt, all that lost space – and it was so unnecessary. I wondered how many other places throughout the house, throughout my heart, are filled with guilt that isn’t necessary.    Shifting from the inertia of guilt into the action of Flying, the God Breeze knows and finds me, when I choose Flying.

Lesson learned. Thank you, Flylady!

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