FLYING Into Change

Where I live, it is fall. A God Breeze from Flylady blew into my thoughts as I raked leaves today. I am sad to see summer end but I wouldn’t nail the leaves to my bedroom wall.

Later in the day, I was decluttering the guest room. A small plate hangs on the wall. It says “Friendship’s like a bright bouquet, That time can never fade away”. I can’t remember which friend gave it to me. I laughed at the irony – until I saw the much greater irony. It’s like a fallen leaf nailed to the wall.

Some of my friendship-clutter has been bonded to me longer than the length of the friendship. When I looked at the dated memories I had kept, I began to see the empty futility of leaves nailed to the wall.

Outdoors, I can see so clearly that falling leaves are part of the cycle of change. Inside the house, I keep saying “I want a change” but can’t apply nature’s wisdom and release the clutter of my own faded summer leaves. It results in a twisted reasoning – I am wanting change and afraid of change. I dream of tomorrow but fear tomorrow. Some changes are inevitable, but clutter makes any change complicated. When I become frustrated with complication, I blame the fact that things change.

The peace is in the acceptance of change. Friends, people, places, careers, homes…it all changes. The birds don’t migrate with remnants of what was used to build the last nest. I can FLY with change more easily, when I can let go.


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