Magic and Blessings of FLYing

After almost two years of Flylady decluttering, I am amazed over and again that I own so many multiples of things that could break, wear out or be lost. I ask Flylady’s question LOVE USE NEED of my umbrellas and answer yes, but not six of them.

I have some of King Midas in me….King Midas wanted everything to be gold; I wanted everything to be secure. King Midas thought gold would make him rich; I thought the security of duplicate and triplicate would bring peace and freedom. But just as King Midas became excessive with turning everything into gold, I, too, could not control that insatiable feel of “it’s not enough…yet”. Ultimately, the pursuit of an excessive amount of anything reaches chaos – and this is when the fool’s paradox is revealed. King Midas’ attempt to turn everything to gold resulted in losing what he most valued. My “stuff” became a dungeon of clutter – keeping me from the very peace and freedom  I was so desperate to gain.

King Midas is a story meant to teach the consequence of greed. I was greedy for security.   But under the greed are perfectionism, fear, scarcity. This is what compels  “excessive” in my work, cleaning, commitments, and of course, all the “stuff” I accumulated in an attempt to be secure in tomorrow.

I think of King Midas, when the timer says stop, when I am tired and want the “stay awake elixir”, when I shop and am tempted to bring home too much stuff. King Midas helps me to remember the folly and chaos of excess and perfection.

There are magic spells in fairy tales and  blessings in real life. King Midas’ curse of the Golden Touch is lifted when he learns  gold has little to do with what he treasures. My curse of perfection was lifted when I learned from Flylady that  clutter, over-working and exhaustion have little to do with creating security. The only real security is in this moment. Is there a way to  “happily ever after”?  Yes. Peace and freedom are the  blessings of FLYING.


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