Pamper Mission 09/30/12

Dear Friends,

I had the good fortune to take a road trip with a couple of
girlfriends to tour the Biltmore mansion last week. The beauty and
magnificence of the mansion was enchanting and sharing this experience
with a couple of beautiful souls only served to heighten the joy of
the experience.

This week I’m planning trips to other tourist attractions within easy
driving distance of our home while the kids are out of school on fall
break. It is so easy to procrastinate about taking advantage of
opportunities for family fun that are near your home. You tell
yourself that it will be crowded, you can always go another time,
maybe the price of gas will come down, and the list goes on and on.
This week, plan to make some memories instead of excuses! Plan a
little excursion with your family or some friends and have some fun!

Playing hometown tourist is a great way to have a good time, usually
with little expense involved. If you can invite an out of town friend
to come along, you’ll have a great time playing the part of tour
guide. They’ll really appreciate being with someone who knows the best
places to eat!

Try not to rush the experience. Slow down your pace, soaking in the
peace and relaxation that comes from leaving behind schedules and
obligations and just enjoy the beauty that is before you. Choose
people to go with you who are equally intent on having a relaxing time
and not a marathon sprint through the attraction you’ve chosen to
enjoy. Concentrate on enjoying all five senses… taste, touch,
sight, sounds, and even smells.

Whether it’s a fall festival, a trip to a museum, an aquarium or zoo,
you can feel pampered at the end of the day if you plan a little,
relax a lot, and take time to smell the roses!

Take time for you! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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