FLYing Through Problems

When I joined FlyLady, my life was a big lemon topped with little lemons. I disliked that old saying about when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It seemed so “Pollyanna”. I do not envision tasty lemonade when life hands me lemons. I complain. I get overwhelmed and ask – how do all these lemons keep getting in here? I don’t know what to do with them. I ignore them, stash-and-dash them and when they rolled around underfoot, I’d step around them. Eventually, it’a sticky mess, fruit flies and all. My last resort is closing my eyes and hoping they will go away.

FlyLady says Flying is a process. The house doesn’t clean itself in my dreams. Lemons don’t morph into lemonade while I sleep. It takes the process, patience and love of Flying to respond to life’s lemons. When a problem occurs, other unrelated problems seem to “attach” to it – distracted by the small problems, I neglect the real problem. Identifying the core issue helps me to see the rest as “clutter” that I can dismiss. In pain, overwhelmed, I avoid facing loss – procrastination causes my problem to grow and spread. Small babysteps, a little bit each day. Exhaustion warps my perspective – so am more careful about rest. I am becoming gentler with myself when I don’t handle every aspect “perfectly”. I whine not as much, not as loudly, not as long.

There is the good fortune I wish, and the problems I get. I know how to manage what I wish. I have difficulty managing what I get. But problems are as much a part of my life as good fortune. It wasn’t all the people who said “make lemonade” who were the Pollyannas. They were right. It is ME who is Pollyanna, thinking that my life should be all good fortune and then reacting with shock and helplessness, resentful and whining when a problem happens. I didn’t know how to make lemonade before the lemons started to rot.

Flying helps me live with more balance. I don’t need to live in fear of problems. I don’t need to be “overly prepared” or worry. I don’t need to react with paralysis. I need the “process” of Flying. Accepting, releasing, trusting the God Breeze to come. Flying can clean so much more than the house.


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