Pamper Mission 10/21/12

Dear Friends,

One of the easiest yet most gratifying pampering missions is taking some time daily for reading. Have fun choosing a book and then decide on when you want to take time to read it. Perhaps before going to sleep each night or during some breaks during your day. If you keep your book in your purse or in a tote, you will have a wonderful distraction for those times when you are stuck in a waiting room or even in a traffic mess when traveling. Instead of fretting over all the “wasted” time spent waiting, you will be happy and relaxed because you chose to use this time to pamper yourself instead.

If you want to take this pampering session a step further, consider joining a reading group or informally asking some friends if they would also be interested in reading the same book you’re reading. Discussing what you’ve read with others is a lot of fun and will help you get so much more out of what you’ve read.

Take time for you! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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