Pamper Mission 10/28/12

Dear Friends,

It’s fall. The time of year that our minds automatically turn to baking. This week, why not plan a little extra time to bake a yummy treat for yourself and your family. If you live alone, you can freeze leftovers so that you aren’t tempted to over indulge or you can share your pamper mission with others by giving them some of your treats from the kitchen.

Not only will your home smell WONDERFUL, but this might just give you a jump start on the holidays. You can try a new bread recipe or a new cake recipe and perhaps discover a new favorite to add to your holiday menu this year. It’s always a bit nerve wracking to try a new recipe for the holidays when you really want everything to turn out great. This way, the pressure is off, and you can truly enjoy each step of creating your chosen dish.

Enjoy that smells of fresh baked goodies and of course the scrumptious taste! You are so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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