Food For Thought: Menu Planning Mode

Dear Friends,

This month, we’re in menu planning mode and this Dinner Diva couldn’t be happier! What’s so great about menu planning you asked? Everything!

When you menu plan and know what’s for dinner (and have an amply supplied pantry, fridge and freezer), you eliminate a lot of domestic stress and can answer that dreaded question, (“Mom, what’s for dinner?” or “Hon, what’s for dinner?”) with confidence and the secure thought of knowing.

Not only will it eliminate a lot of stress this menu planning stuff, but it will also give you room and time in your schedule to think about other, more fun stuff like time for crafts, sewing, starting a new project or more time with your spouse and children. However you slice (pun intended), the work of menu planning pays off big time.

Now the nuts and bolts of menu planning always boils down to what your family’s needs are; whether there’s food allergies/sensitivities to deal with, passionate dislikes and what your schedules all look like. It’s much like making a map; once you can visualize your destination, you can figure out how to get there in the shortest possible fashion. Yes it’s that simple.

Here are some options to making this happen:

1) Poll your family on favorite meals. Make sure holiday meals aren’t in the line up on weekdays and add some family favorites to your plan.
2) Pull some recipes that are easy and quick (especially the crock pot ones and the pressure cooker ones) for those nights that you’ll be dashing out the door for practice, scouts or whatever.
3) Make your plan. Write it down. Let me repeat: WRITE IT DOWN! Yes I’m yelling, LOL. If you don’t write it down, you won’t do it. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up exactly where you are right now: frustrated, spending too much money and watching your grocery dollars spoil in the fridge.

These tips will help you get your meal plan done.

If you want it done for you, then here you go. I have a f.r.e.e. week of Menu-Mailer for you to try. (Menu-Mailer is a subscription weekly menu plan with 6 dinner recipes per week (family style, low carb, heart healthy and paleo), serving suggestions, nutritional info that includes Points and exchanges and the all-important itemized grocery list!)

My books also have weekly plans with the shopping lists. They’re available in the Fly Shop and are very easy to figure out; directions are included! 🙂

And one last thing. To help you get this done and make menu planning panic a thing of the past, we’re offering a $10 discount off our yearly Menu-Mailer and Premium Menu-Mailer (this subscription allows you to pick and choose your recipes and make your own customized shopping list). Go to, make your selection and when you check out, write “flylady” (quotes not necessary) in the promotion code window and you will be discounted accordingly.

Menu planning can be as time consuming and complicated as you want to make it. It can also be a piece of cake. However you look at it or accomplish it, it will greatly reduce your stress and make life so much better once its done!

Take advantage of our offer for a f.r.e.e. week or take the plunge and get a year’s worth of Menu-Mailer! We love menu planning at even if you don’t! And after nearly 12 years of doing it, I think we’re pretty good at it, too!


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