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As you may know by now, we’ve been in business for 11 years, proudly and happily Saving Your Dinner each and every week. Our core product (in addition to our fabulous e-cookbooks, specialty menus and more) is the original Menu-Mailer, a subscription offering you weekly menus, recipes, an itemized shopping list, nutritional information and suggested serving suggestions. Yes, there are “other” Menu-Mailers out there (you’d think the copy cats could at least come up with an original name!), but the original and genuine Menu-Mailer comes from yours truly here at

The original Menu-Mailer was born in 2001: a menu, recipes, shopping list and serving suggestions all delivered to subscriber’s inboxes weekly. We added on a low carb version, a heart healthy version and we’ve just recently added a Paleo version. (I am completely blown away by this way of eating!)

If having your weekly “what’s for dinner” stress handled with our nutritionally sound weekly menus sounds like a good stress reliever, now is the time to get cracking and buy your subscription! Check out what long time Menu-Mailer subscriber Jamie had to say about her subscription:

*”I just wanted to write you tell you what an impact Menu-Mailer has on our lives. I watched my mom in the kitchen and she hated it – she resented cooking special meals for my steak-and-potatoes father, and it seemed a drudgery to prepare food for her 4 children; so food was not a happy thing in my home growing up. In MY home, mommy and daddy are working at this together and having fun! I truly believe making the kitchen a happy, fun place can help our children and prevent eating disorders, teaching them to be good cooks. There are many more advantages that I don’t even realize! Menu-Mailer has helped our family.” ~Jamie*

Each Menu-Mailer comes to you weekly with your choice of menus–regular (great for families), low carb (counting carbs? Me too, this fills the bill), Heart-Healthy (follows the AHA guidelines) a Body Clutter Day Menu (breakfasts, lunches and snacks) and of course our ALL NEW Paleo Menu (low carb, but no grains). Choose what you want–each menu has its own shopping list!

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time!

You can get either our standard Menu-Mailer (3 month trial for $15) or you
get our <>Premium
Menu-Mailer for just $10 a month and pick and choose which recipes you want from any of our menus and automatically make your customized shopping list! You can also add your own grocery items to the list for a truly, one-of-a-kind way to get your grocery shopping and meal planning DONE.

There are also one year options for the standard Menu-Mailer ($47 for the whole year) or for Premium Menu-Mailer, just $90 for the year (that’s like 3 months FR*EE!).

If you get the year of either standard Menu-Mailer or Premium Menu-Mailer, I’ll give you $10 off, here’s your coupon code for when you check out: “flylady” (don’t use the quotation marks; and it’s not case sensitive).

Here is your link:

Don’t forget to use the coupon code in the checkout when you order the year of either standard or Premium Menu-Mailer!


Leanne, your Dinner Diva from
Saving Your Dinner since 2001

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