Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Dear Friends,

Each week I have been reminding you of this hectic time of year. We have 45 days to get ready and there is no reason that this year can’t be the most peaceful holiday in your history. We have told you to start addressing your greeting cards, One a day, decide if you are going to be home for the holidays or to travel and to get ready for the fall harvest celebrations at school and to decorate with pumpkins, goards, colorful leaves.

For those of you that celebrate the December Holidays with Gifts, it is just about time that you started to think about your gift list.

Your homework assignment is to jot down all the names of the people that you buy for. Then to start figuring out what to get for them.

Decide how much you want to spend. Then each week get some of the items as you can.

One of the most hasslefree holidays I ever had was when I had all my shopping done by October 15th. It was amazing. No stress at all. I know we are past October 15th this year, but you’re never behind! Just jump in where you are!

I personally hate to shop. I had rather do it from a catalog or on-line. I love to give books and rocks. LOL I have a Mother-in-law who is a carver, so any soapstone I can get she loves. One year I gave my Sister-in-Law a ton of rocks and wrapped one up for her. It was so funny. She was landscaping her yard.

Robert and I give each other strange gifts. Last year I got him a Clapper! He hates to reach over and turn out the lights, after he has snuggled in bed. He loves the clapper. Another year I gave him a lava lamp. This year I have not decided, but I have started to think about it.

Make you list in order of importance. Keep it simple. At times I have done theme gifts. Kitchen stuff, even for the guys on my list. They love kitchen gadgets. Other times it has been books. One year I gave gift certificates for favorite stores. They are always a hit. In fact, it is a great idea for those neices and nephews. Robert’s nephew collect movies, so a Gift certificate from Block Buster was just up his alley. Restaurant gift certificates are nice for people that like to eat out.

One other thing. When children get a ton of toys, it is such a waste. After a few hours they are already tired of them. When Justin was a baby, I asked his Grandparents not to overdo on the gifts. Instead just get him some little something and buy him a bond. This was a great thing to do! That is how he and his wife put a down payment on their house. With his bonds.

When everyone who buys for your children will adhere to your wishes you keep down the clutter, while building a nest egg for your babies. They may not appreciate at the time, but one day it will be a blessing. Think about it and discuss it with your family.

Love you all!


Oh yes, don’t forget we have already started our Cruising Through the Holidays! Even if you didn’t start the day we did it isn’t too late to jump in where you are! This is a season we want to share with our families. We don’t want to be running around at the last minute, mad at everything and broke!

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