Releasing Tasks & Problems in Flying

I am either so busy that I don’t think, or so afraid that I don’t move. Those are my two extremes. When I have too much to do, I become frantic, rushing, trying to get it all done. When I am faced with a big problem that I can’t resolve, I stare off into space, grappling for the answer.

Chaos in my activity or chaos in my thoughts. Flying reveals these extremes are the symptoms of overwhelm and perfection.

With too much to do, overwhelm and perfection tell me I need to get it all done, right now. I am disorganized, unfocused, in a race to finish everything. With a problem, overwhelm and perfection tell me I can’t do anything until the problem is solved. I am paralyzed, worried, obsessed with figuring it out.

It can be hard for me to know the difference between when I need to stop or move. Flying, the solution is almost always in releasing perfection and in recognizing what it is that I need to let go. Overwhelmed with “too much”, I have to stop, accept that I can’t perfectly accomplish everything, choose what is most important, and release the rest. Overwhelmed with “problems”, I have to move, accept that I don’t perfectly know the answer, choose what is within my control, and release the rest.

Life is always a combination of more tasks than I can manage and more problems than I can solve. Some tasks can be left to another time. Some problems can be left to the God Breeze. Flying is knowing when to let go, what to let go. Flying is in the release.


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