Pamper Mission 11/18/12

Dear Friends,

Many of us will be extra busy preparing for guests by cleaning,  cooking and washing dishes this week because of the holiday. All this  extra time in water and detergents can be very drying to the hands.  Be prepared to pamper your hands to keep your hands and cuticles soft.  Wear gloves when washing dishes, massage oil into your cuticles regularly, and apply lotion each time you wash your hands. Keep your  pampering items close at hand so that you’ll be more likely to use  them. Keep hand cream in a drawer near your bed and apply it before  going to sleep. Keep a lotion dispenser near your hand soap  dispenser. Keep moisturizing hand sanitizer in your purse to ward off  germs so prevalent at this time of year.

Bless the hands that bless others. You are so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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