Pamper Mission 11/25/12

Dear Friends,

As the winter chill surrounds us, it’s easy for our lips to become dry and rough. It is very important to keep lip balm with you at all times so that you can defeat this winter beauty problem.

For even softer lips, before bed, exfoliate the lips by mixing a little baking soda with a little cleanser or olive oil. Gently rub this mixture onto your lips and then rinse away. Finish this pampering treatment for your lips by applying lip treatment balm, olive oil, or even a dab of petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips.

Soft healthy lips make your lipstick look so much prettier. If you use the more drying two step long wearing lipsticks, keeping your lips soft and healthy is even more imperative to increase your satisfaction with these products.

Pamper yourself! You are so worth it!

FlyLady Dana

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