Letting Go

I thought I needed to get organized, to end the sadness and failure of chaos. Flying has taught me, I was sad, failing myself, because I  was organizing the impossible. I needed freedom. I needed love.

I was holding a lifetime of sadness in  clutter. In the attachment to what I can’t re-live, the smile of happy memory fades. Going back, is not possible. It’s the loss, that lingers.  Flylady says that de-cluttering is defining what I love, use and need, now. Letting go, releases the sadness. Releasing the sadness, opens the future, unobstructed, to freedom.

I was holding a lifetime of failure in imperfection. When I strive for perfection, I am disappointed. Perfection, is not possible. It’s bitterness, that remains. Flylady says that releasing perfection is forgiving myself, accepting my mistakes. Letting go, releases the failure. Forgiving, opens my heart, to appreciation, to  love.

Clutter is what interferes with my freedom. I am free, when I release the past I can’t have, anymore. Perfection makes me unable to appreciate love. I can love, when I release the perfection, I can’t have, ever.

Flying, I am blessed with the reminder, every day – let go, let go, and let go, again. Peace is accepting what is.


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