I Need The Cafe Mocha Coffee Recipe

Dear FlyLady,

I am looking for the coffee recipe from a few weeks back (the one to save money on the expensive coffee shop), I was going to make it up for my son’s teacher’s gift and I delete it somehow. Can you help me out?

Julie in Monroe, GA

Dear Friends,

Last month FlyLady sent out her recipe for making cafe mocha at home – we have received many request for this recipe again. As I was getting ready to resend the recipe and the story behind her creation of the mix, we receive a clever gift idea:

“I just love taking this mix with me when I travel in the car. I fill a thermos with boiling hot water, and put the mocha mix in a little container, and off we go. We have to travel from Vancouver Island to the Mainland on the Ferry. We save so much money doing this. It costs over $2.00 a cup for coffee now, and traveling by Ferry is expensive enough! A homemade muffin, and a cup of mocha saves a trip to the cafeteria. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am going to make some of the mocha mix, and order FlyLady mugs, and give them as gifts, as the occasions arrive.

Cheers! from Canada.”

Saving money and giving a consumable gift instead of clutter – I LOVE it!

Have a great day – recipe is below!



Dear Friends,

In 1996 I lived in a little community in Transylvania County, North Carolina. It is called Balsam Grove and was just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, up a narrow mountain road. There were 78 curves between my little cabin and downtown Brevard. I was attending college and had to drive those curves every morning to get to class. I barely had money for gas much less a cup of cafe mocha, which was my favorite.

That is when I decided to make my own. How hard could it be? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know it contains coffee, chocolate and milk. I wanted a mix, that would store easily, so all I had to do¬†was put a scoop in a travel mug and fill it with hot water. I was good to go.

Not only did I have a drink that was much cheaper than a cup of Cafe Mocha at the coffee shop; I treated myself to something special every morning. I could even take a little with me so that I could make some more for the drive home in the afternoon. Nothing says I love you like a cup of something warm and wonderful.

Making your own Cafe Mocha does several things.

1. Saves Money
2. Saves Time
3. Saves the Environment when you use your own travel mug.
4. Warms you up on a cold day
5. Best of all; You feel loved

That is five good reasons for a cup of something warm and wonderful.

Here is my recipe.

Cafe Mocha

1 cup of instant coffee, I like Tasters Choice best
2 cups of Nestles NESQUIK
3 cups of Powdered Milk.

To make your cup of Cafe Mocha; boil your water, pour into your cup and add 3 tablespoons to your cup. If you have a big mug you will have to adjust the number to tablespoons you add to it. I like mine creamy.

We have a great mug that keeps your cafe mocha hot. You know how we forget to drink it after we make it. You don’t have to travel to use a travel mug to keep your mocha hot. It is good for those of us who get sidetracked!


Are you ready to save money and time and pamper yourself?


P. S. Today I made a batch that was low carb. I used Hershey’s plain cocoa powder. Here is what I came up with.

1/2 Cup Cocoa
1/2 Cup instant coffee
1 1/2 Cup of powdered milk.
1/4 cup of Xylotol http://www.amazon.com/Xlear-1-lb-Xylosweet-1-Pound/dp/B000ORXYYS

I have been weaning off of the sweet taste. You could leave it out and just add sugar if you wanted. Or maybe coconut sugar. It is a thought.

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