Although I communicate what I want for Christmas, I still receive many presents that I don’t want. These gifts, given to me in love –  I felt guilty giving them away….it’s like giving away love, and I want to keep the love.  So, I hold onto the gifts.  Stuffing them on shelves, irritated, when they take up so much space, and then,  forgotten.

Flylady taught me keeping guilt, indifference, irritation – this is not keeping love.   This is keeping a much too complicated definition of love, release, giving up and letting go.     This is keeping my closets and my life filled with what I do not want, leaving me overwhelmed.  Holding what I don’t love, use, and need, devalues the gift and devalues me.  This is what creates my clutter, burden, confusion and chaos.

Flying has decluttered my understanding of love, and simplified the process of release.    Love is not something that can be kept on a shelf, in a closet; it becomes, just a thing, stuff…clutter.    Love is something that must be felt, experienced. Love has to be lived, to be real.

The value in anything is fulfilled when it is loved, used and needed.  Releasing my gifts, brings value to others.  Releasing, gives FLYING to me.


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