Mid Year Check Up

Dear Friends,

The holidays are upon us, the kids have a break from school, and we’ll all be spending lots of time with family. How wonderful. How stressful!!

One of the most important things we can all do for our families is to stay healthy and energetic ourselves. We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves! During the holiday season it’s especially important to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, take some personal time, and spend quiet time in mediation or prayer. Do you have a gratitude journal? Do you count your blessings every day? This holiday season I am focusing on forgiveness, so I can fly with positive energy instead of sinking under the burden of negativity and resentment.

Children enjoy and remember the time their parents spend with them. Nothing fancy or expensive — just time. This is as true during the holidays as it is during the rest of the year — children want your time and attention more than they want material things. What do you remember from your childhood? Do you remember the gifts you unwrapped or the gifts of the heart you received from family and friends? Strong family bonds and meaningful family time are antidotes to stress for everyone. Family traditions and family fun build a lifetime of memories — and it has nothing to do with having a “perfect family”. The perfect family doesn’t exist.

Feeling prepared and on top of things is another big stress reliever. Let’s take some time between during this break from school to think about how the school year has gone so far. What has gone right? What has gone wrong? What could make it better for the second half of the school year? Go to the worksheets and organizers at the end of the No More Parents Left Behind book and check to see if you’re on top of things at school:

-Do your children need more school supplies?
-Do you need to restock the homework supplies?
-Do you need to update your emergency contact information?
-Does your kindergartener need a set of extra winter clothes at school?
-Are all school events for the remainder of the year on the family calendar?
-How can you arrange to be there for school conferences and events?
-Are you jotting down notes for your end-of-the-year letter to the principal?
-Have you eaten lunch with your elementary school children this year?
-What will your volunteer activity be this next semester?
-Have you sent a positive note to someone at school?
-Do you need to schedule a parent/teacher conference to get the second semester off to a good start?

It’s a long list! Pick one or two things, and make sure you’re ready to roll in January.

And don’t forget that you have to reestablish all your routines after the holidays: Morning routine, evening routine, homework routine! If you had trouble with this during the first half of the school year, pick one of the three routines and make a commitment to put it in place for the second half of the year. Remember — we don’t have to be perfect! Just get going, one baby step at a time.

Relax and enjoy this wonderful family time of year, and get ready for a strong finish to the school year!


Our very own education specialist Alice Wellborn is now a regular contributor at FlyLady.net and we are thrilled to share her wise words with all of you. Alice is a school psychologist and the author of the amazingly helpful book No More Parents Left Behind. Get the book at:http://www.nomoreparentsleftbehind.com/

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