15 Minutes of FLYing

On a lengthy project, when the fifteen minute timer rings, I think – five minutes more, I could finish.  Fifteen minutes more, I can get it completed.  Or,  I’ll get one more done.

I’ve been Flywashed enough not to use the word “perfect”, But when I start using words like finished, completed and done, my sense of accomplishment is engaging with perfection – even though I don’t voice the word, perfection.  It’s my warning, that  I am measuring my fifteen minutes of work against the entirety of the project, and judging the deficiency.  My brain tells me – such a long way to go – and diminishes what I have done.  I then struggle, to accept stopping “in the middle”, at the point of unfinished, incomplete, undone.  Imperfect.

When “just a little more” thoughts flow as the timer rings, I take a deep breath, stop, and say the words – release – right now, release.  Standing up, walking away, without giving my brain a chance to assess, measure, judge, what is still left to do.  Turning away, shifts the fifteen minutes from my brain to my heart.  My heart is energized by the effort.  My heart, feels the triumph of defeating procrastination, in keeping a promise to myself, to start.  My heart, finds peace, releasing perfection, in keeping a promise to myself, to stop.

When I Fly,   I can love myself for starting and and love myself for stopping.  When I set the timer from my heart,  Flying, finds my effort, my progress, my release.


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