Hidden Answers in the God Breeze

I find so many ways to ignore problems. I also find ways to ignore opportunities   Distract myself with a trivial thing.  Make a mess, that needs to be cleaned. Consult the calendar and decide, later. When there is no escape, I stare out the window. I know the result I want, but I don’t know how to get there.  The thought – what am I going to do – whirling, until my head hurts,  and I am tired.  The only answer I ever reach is – I don’t know what to do.

Flylady reveals – the answer isn’t in thinking. When I am procrastinating, stuck in dead-end ruts, I am stuck in fear.  Fear, that I will not be able to sustain a disappointing outcome.  Fear, that I don’t deserve success.  Fear, that I will falter.  Fear, of unknown change.

All of this fear, equals my distance from faith.

Flying, is faith, that when the first small step of self-love is mine, the next step is taken for me.   A babystep, is what asks the God Breeze, to release the fear, reveal the path, to show me that the answer is hidden within  the problem or opportunity. An idea that can’t be formed, until I begin to probe.  An inspiration, that can’t be envisioned, until I can see all sides.  A surprise, when I open the box.    Solutions, that only appear with my effort.

Flying, in faith, releasing fear, releasing answers.


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