FLYing into the Holiday: Declutter Lists

I stressed, today, “way behind schedule” with my holiday planning. Overwhelmed, I have to make choices. I can get it all done and be exhausted and cranky. Or, I can cross some items off the list and feel guilty because I didn’t get it all done.

I procrastinated, waiting for the “perfect” idea, price, time to shop. The overwhelm, is doing too much, in too little time, for too many people, leaving no space for a day to be sick, or a sold-out item.

Flying, I am reminded, it’s perfection that won’t let me accept a compromise, change a gift on the list. It’s perfection that sends me relentlessly searching for what I wanted to get.  It’s perfection, that won’t settle, that can’t deviate. Perfection demands procrastination, makes me too ambitious, overwhelms me and then, perfection refuses to forgive me, when I fail, and am imperfect.

Maybe I knew better than to procrastinate, to overwhelm my schedule. Maybe I indulged in a fantasy of a perfect holiday, letting perfection make too many decisions. Maybe, it’s all just fine, anyway. Maybe, it doesn’t matter, except to the extent that perfection tells me it matters. Maybe, there is a third choice – in release. Taking the list, keeping what I most love, need and use – crossing off the “clutter” that perfection wrote in, when it had control.

Flying, is decluttering my lists. Removing perfection, asking love, need, use – now, what is on the list, is what really matters –  Flying, into the holiday, with joy.


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