FLYing is Anything for 15 Minutes

Change happens – and peace rests with my choice. Do I accept change or resist change?  Crisis is the warning that my choices are becoming limited, that I need to change. Chaos, is the prison of having no choice at all, of being able to change nothing.

I’d write an ambitious goal to make an important change. Each morning, a pep talk, to tell myself  “I can do anything”. Each night I reckon with the unmet goal, offering myself excuses – for does it matter if today was no different than yesterday? If tomorrow will be no different than today? I assure myself that “I can do anything” – later.

Flylady doesn’t say, “I can do anything”. FlyLady says “I can do anything for fifteen minutes”. This is what helped me to understand why I resisted change. Why I never “did anything”  until crisis forced my hand. Saying “I can do anything” is too broad, intimidating…and facing a drastic change leaves me frozen in fear, unable to do anything at all. I met no goals. I made no changes. But I could not stop external change in others, in the world, in what was expected of me. The familiar loses relevance, and clinging to what is deteriorating, I am unprepared. Eventually, my resistance to change creates crisis for me. Drained by crisis I concede – “I can’t do anything, now”. Overwhelmed in chaos, I devolve into the exhausted conviction – “I’ll never do anything, ever”.

FLYing – changing anything, doing anything – is a fifteen minute babystep, enabling choice. An attentive look at the present, a turn away from the past. Changing is letting go of clutter, fear, worry, hurt – anything can release for fifteen minutes. Changing, is faith, hope, effort, risk – anything can be blessed, for fifteen minutes. 

I can do anything for fifteen minutes. I can do anything when I FLY. 


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