Decluttering Sticky Clutter by FLYing: Close the bag and FLY.

When I first began decluttering I looked into each donation bag after I filled it. Inevitably I’d question – “Am I sure I want to get rid of this? Maybe I can fix it. Paint it. Sell it. See if some person could use it. Wait until after the next winter, summer, etc.” After several frustrating rounds of re-cluttering what I had decluttered, I took Flylady’s advice – “Put the clutter in the bag, close it, take it to the car – and never re-open the bag”.

Flylady is right. Clutter has stickiness to it. However, in a closed bag, removed, it won’t re-stick.  I forget unused, unnecessary, disliked clutter once it is gone. I enjoy creative ideas. I appreciate the freedom, and I never miss my clutter.

Emotional clutter is also sticky. Resentment, guilt, loss, blame, worthlessness, being unable to say no –  all re-sticks and clings. I would say – “I am not going to feel badly, ruminate, get mad, lose sleep, re-do it perfectly” – and then, I re-open the bag. Needing that apology? Resentment sticks. Re-thinking the argument? Blame sticks. Turning on news re-runs? Loss sticks. Failing to be perfect? Worthlessness sticks.

My first babystep in releasing emotional clutter is learning to close the bag. I can bag the argument and take a walk.  I close off hurt and fill the silence with music.  I can push worthlessness to the bottom of the bag by giving from love and letting go of approval and perfection. I can’t take a situation or a job to the car – or be untouched by my life’s problems. But what I can do is keep closing the bag. And when the bag opens? I can ask the God Breeze to help me re-close it, blessing all that is there with forgiveness, compassion, courage and love.

I am learning this babystep to peace and freedom.  Sometimes my release is just a simple, simple, choice. Close the bag and FLY.


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