Cruising Through All Holiday Celebrations

Dear FlyLady,

I realize the following letter to you is not typical, but I hope you will be able to read it with an open heart, and see the gratitude it contains.

One of my favorite things to do after my babies are in bed (and my sink is shined!) is to read any testimonials you send my way. I have been FLYing only for a few months, but every day I try to do a little bit more, and find the chaos is a little bit less!!

Well, after reading all the wonderful testimonials tonight (and weeping, as usual), I felt compelled to be honest with you, and tell you how it is from a non-Christian perspective to be a member of your wonderful community. I want to let my sister in on all your wisdom, because she is a Payroll SHE with 4 kids, and could use it all badly– however, she is a very observant Jew, and I worry she would be offended by many of your references to Christmas, God Breezes, etc.

After some soul-searching, and looking at why I LOVE you and everything about your site, I would like to tell you the following.

We do not celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Chanukah, and I make Shabbat dinner every Friday night. One of the most important concepts for a Jewish wife/mother is her part in creating “shalom bayit”, peace in the house. As I read all the beautiful testimonials tonight, I realized that I too am flying my way towards peace and joy. It used to be a mad rush for me every Friday to have the table set, the meal made, the house neat, etc., before the Sabbath–but now every week, through babysteps, I am increasingly ready (my dear husband, unasked and impressed, the other night polished all our silver cups we use to say the blessings over the grape juice!!)

There is a traditional Jewish story that Sabbath angels peer into windows at the start of Shabbat, to see which houses are ready to be blessed–those with clean, well-set tables, good food, sparkling glasses, and happy children are favored over others. I feel like you
and your mentors are like these angels, and thanks to you all, this year our Chanukah, and all our Shabbats, will be filled with even more light, joy, and peace.

So thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my purple-puddling heart–and know that for those of us who do not make Christmas, you still illuminate our holidays.

BabyFlying in NYC

FlyLady here: I have always tried to accept all faiths and love everyone.

I am Christian; which I was taught meant, to be Christ like and love everyone.

Whatever our faith, whatever our beliefs, we have the common bond of wanting and deserving to live a life that is blessed and CHAOS free.

I love all of you!

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