Choosing Kindness is FLYING!

FlyLady asks that I take to heart, the 2013 Motto: “Words can be kind or mean; the choice is yours, in 2013”.

When I read the motto, I was grateful for Flylady’s reminder that the power of words, is underestimated. The power of mean words can be tragic. The power of kind words can be miraculous. That the words I use are a choice.

In the words I use with others, the 2013 motto asks my awareness, my understanding of the consequence of my words. It asks for compassion and empathy for what others might feel. It reminds me to choose the kindness of restraint in the “send” button. To choose the silent acceptance of imperfection over voicing criticism.

In the words I use with myself I can often let my mind run, uncensored, and this is where I find the meanest words of all. Today I had two five minute jobs – I spent twenty minutes debating which to do first, and trapped in perfection, never did either one. The torrent of mean words, the awful way I felt about myself, impacted the remainder of my day. The 2013 motto says the words I think need the same conscious choice as the words I speak to others. With myself, I also must choose to let mistakes go, forgive, release – I must choose kindness.

I have a plaque on my wall with this proverb:

Three Gates

All words must pass through three gates before being spoken.

At the first gate, the gatekeeper asks, “Are these words true?”
At the second gate, the gatekeeper asks, “Are these words kind”?
At the third gate, the gatekeeper asks, “Are these words necessary?”

Only after passing through all three gates should the words be said aloud.

Flying, in 2013, choosing the words, choosing the thoughts, for myself, for others, with love. Choosing kindness, from my heart.


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