Dance Through Your Day!

Dear Friends,

This week we have been getting Back to Basics. If you are having trouble with your routines, it could be because they are too long. Every year we take one habit a month and practiced that habit till it became automatic. This year we are going to continue doing the same thing, but we are going to build upon that habit with a FLY-1-2-3 Step Dance.

Our minds love repetition. It frees us up to not have to think we can just do! So let’s think of our routines as this FLY Dance. 1-2-3 and a 1-2-3!

Let’s begin with our Before Bed Routine. Here is how we can condition ourselves to think about things.

Before Bed Routine:

1. House- 1-Shine Sink, 2-Pick up-Put away Hot Spots, 3-Run Dishwasher

2. Tomorrow- 1-Check Calendar, 2- Lay Out Clothes, 3- Put items to take with you on your launch pad!

3. ME- 1- Get ready for bed- wash face, floss teeth, brush hair, 2- Reflect on your day(Go ME!),celebrate and be thankful, 3- Go to bed at a decent hour.

Are you beginning to see how this can help us to do our FLY Dance in Three babysteps? It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Now for the Morning Routine!

1. Rise and Shine- 1- Make bed, 2- Get dressed; shower, face & hair, clothes and shoes, 3-Swish and Swipe the bathroom.

2. Today ­ 1-Check Calendar, 2-What’s for Dinner, 3- Where is my Laundry

3. ME- 1- Eat and Drink water, 2-Take medication, 3-Take a break for your morning meditation.

Is it beginning to make some fun sense? Or shall I say FLY Sense! We are going to dance through our day with a 3 step routine of 1-2-3! When you find our website you have usually been searching for magic way to get your home in order. There are no magic pills to any of this. If we can make it fun; it will all get done. We are going to find ourselves dancing through our day to the beat of FLY drummer.

The funny part about all of this is you did not ever dream that taking care of yourself had anything to do with your home. Well it seems that you are the foundation to your home. When you feel good and are happy the rest of the house follows your lead. Imagine that! You set the tone for your home. If you are fussy the family will be fussy! If you are relaxed this will trickle down to the family too! If you are loving yourself you are setting the example for your children to live by.

Taking care of yourself so you can take care of the world will change your life and the lives of generations to follow. Because Finally Loving Yourself is all about your self-esteem! You can’t teach what you don’t know. If you want more love in your life; you must start by loving yourself and that cup will overflow with love for others and it will come back to you. We get to plant the seed and it will take root in everything around us. We will be the shining sink of our homes and because of this unconditional love we have for ourselves, it will beget that love in our children. This may actually be the key to solving many of the problems of society.

I have said many times that if I can teach you to FLY (Finally Love Yourself); then your home will come together and the clutter and CHAOS will leave! I don’t know what it is that God has in store for you, but I do know that it will be made clear to you if you will only open your heart to the love that you deserve and it comes from yourself. Think of it in threes; God loves you unconditionally, You love yourself and that love continues to bless the world through the people you touch with your life!

There is no greater gift to the world than taking the love God gives and loving yourself so that you can fully love others! It is as simple as 1-2-3!

Are you ready to do your FLY Dance to get your day started?


We have a Control Journal to help you take those dance steps!

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