FLYing Time

Flying I have learned, time is my life.  My life is time.

More saddening than chaos itself was that I had given my life’s time to clutter and crisis.   My regret for all the occasions I said – I don’t have time. There will be time later. Maybe some other time. I need more time. If only I had the time. The time to do that has passed.  It’s not the right time, yet. It will take too much time. If I can find the time. I wish I had taken the time…

I didn’t see that “time” is a choice. That my life is defined by how I choose to give my time. That what I am giving my time to is what I am living for.

Clutter does not give time to today. “Things” don’t add to the time of my past.  “Sentiment” doesn’t make my future’s time longer. My treasured moments, my unforgettable memories, my happiest surprises…didn’t happen because of my things.  And, what my heart longs for now, what I wish I felt, what I desperately want – have little to do with things.

Flying, I live by a timer. Respecting a fifteen minute limit, the ringer reminds me that releasing perfection is my choice for my time and for my life instead.

Flying sets my calendar to today and my clock to now. My life, reset, to “Flying Time”.


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