FLYing Forward

Revisiting sentimental clutter was driving the car in reverse, down the roads I had already traveled.

There is no guessing, along yesterday’s road, about whether I achieved or about whether my effort was worthwhile. I was sure to encounter only who I knew, find evidence that I was generous and smart, and proof that I was loved.

I know where the backward road leads. It leads to memories of my happiness. It leads to the belief that at one time, I had known perfection.

Flying has shown me that driving backwards is not meant for the long distance my life must travel. In the distortions of memory through a rear-view mirror, imperfection is blocked from my limited range of vision. I discover it is my fear that compels me to go back instead of forward.

Flying reveals chaos and clutter are inseparable – chaos releases, with the release of clutter. Risk and imperfection are also inseparable. Accepting risk means accepting imperfection.

Decluttering, I have learned to turn toward my life’s future. In the release of familiarity, in the risk of the unknown road, I have found I do not travel alone. There is the God Breeze, in every turn, in the lessons of every new imperfection, the appreciation of a stranger’s kindness,the delight of an unexpected blessing.

In reverse, the scenery never changes. What I encounter, along the new roads, is my life. Flying has taught me: release, face forward and FLY.


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