FLYING – A Continuous Release

A friend was excited upon purchasing a new toaster oven. A valuable item for my friend, my own toaster oven is assuming the definition of “clutter” for me. I had “loved, used and needed” it, but discovered it is complicated to clean. Now, it seems a waste of electricity and counter space for a slice of toast.

I am reminded that “love, use and need” are often in the process of acquiring or losing value. Interests evolve, I outgrow what I use now, my needs in the future could be different. It is true of clutter in my house. It is true of clutter in my relationships. It is true of the clutter I encounter in issues that are important to me, in what hurts, in what I can forgive, in what I fear. I realize there is clutter in all that I know. I trip on clutter in all I do not know.

I dismay in what I am unable to de-clutter. I dismay that new clutter comes into my life.

Flying, I have learned that my life will never completely de-clutter, because my life will never completely be perfect.

Flying is not a process of “getting it right” in figuring out what I “love, use and need”. Flying is a process of the continuous release that flows with my acceptance of change and willingness to risk my growth. Letting go of imperfections, forgives. Letting go of mistakes, understands. There will always be something to release.

With growth, there is a difference between yesterday and today in what I value. Flying, I find what I “love, use and need”, knowing I can release with love and kindness, when it is time to grow, time to change.

My imperfect growth, my imperfect change, is in every release of FLYING.


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