Finding & Re-finding Peace in FLYing

There is often an unmet need in my clutter. It is sometimes perfection. Usually, it is a fear.

Afraid or worried, I revert to “re-organizing” instead of “de-cluttering”. Rearranging sentiment, storing what I might use, squirreling away items for the future. Deciding where to put things seems the only control I have. I grasp that little bit of control and hold tightly to clutter.

Flying has shown me that what I seek in clutter is peace – but clutter is what separates me from peace. There is no fortification against being hurt, in clutter’s memory and security.  Holding clutter does not stop life from moving forward. It only stops me from moving forward, with life.

It is peace that gives love to myself today.  It is peace that gives me faith that I will have what I need, tomorrow.  Peace is within. Without peace within, nothing releases.

Flying, I find and re-find peace. A prayer remembers there is hope in faith. Shining my sink remembers love for myself.

Trusting the God Breeze releases fear. Loving myself releases fear. Flying gives me peace. Flying releases me.


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