Working with a Grace Period

Dear Friends,

We are the queens of procrastination! We put off till the last minute most everything we do. I know every reason in the world because I have used them.

1. I don’t have time right now.
2. Oh I have two weeks to pay that bill
3. It’s OK if I am late no one will notice
4. I can wait to write my column; I have all week
5. Dinner isn’t till 6:00 pm I have all day
6. I can wash those clothes later.
7. The car can be inspected next week.
8. I don’t have time to get gas right now; I am in a hurry.
9. I have 15 more minutes before I need to get dressed

Why do we do this to ourselves? We get agitated, stressed out and just plain mean. All we have ever done is jump from one deadline to the next, putting out the one fire that needed the most attention. The adrenalin pumping through our veins gives us the energy to get things done! We knew no other way to live.

Our routines give us a different type of power! It is the power of peace! When we slow down and focus getting the daily things done it frees us to look ahead. Everything has a place and everything in its place. This adage helps us get rid of our clutter. There is another old saying that can help us too. It is a stitch in time saves nine. There are a lot of these. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

I know you want to stop this vicious cycle and you can’t possibly see how shining your sink has anything at all to do with getting off the adrenalin IV. It all begins with one habit. That shiny sink helps your kitchen stay clean. When your kitchen is clean; you don’t mind cooking. When meals are planned you feel better, because you are eating well and taking care of you and your family. When the kitchen is clean you have more time to focus on another area of the house. Each little habit you establish adds a peace to your life!

These habits put together become your routines and your routines put your home on automatic pilot! You get up in the morning and do the same thing every single day without having to think. Our routines free us to take care of those stitches when we see something that needs doing. We don’t have to put it off till another day!

It is so peaceful to accomplish something when you are not under the stress of a deadline. Working with a Grace Period instead of under fire! There is one little warning I have to give you. We are so used to not doing things till the last minute that we will forget that we have done them. You will feel that little surge of panic kick in and then when you realize that it is already done you can celebrate.

Are you ready to work with a Grace Period instead of under a Deadline?


Action to take right now: Set your timer for 5 minutes and pick up and put away!

Oh you have never used a timer! What are you waiting for! Someone to set it for you!

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