FLYing – Finding the Solution

Distraction has a lure for me that I cannot resist.

It can be an external distraction, a phone call, the email. It can be an emotion – too happy, too sad, to do this right now. It can be a thought, a forgotten memory, a new idea, or an old worry.

So much escapes me, lost in a maze of distraction after distraction. I have many started projects and mostly unfinished projects. Commitments come precariously close to deadlines or are late and accompanied by an apology.

In crisis, trying to recapture time wasted, I stay up far into the night, tired, stressed and irritated. Why does it take me days to do what others do in minutes? Why can’t I stick to the plan?

I blame procrastination and disorganization.

I promise myself, tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow is always the same.

Flying, I have learned, I may be a distracted, disorganized procrastinator. I may have lists of fears and excuses. The reasons why I fail often are not relevant. The solution is always relevant and always the same. The solution is my timer.

Releasing myself from the complicated depths of why I fail, I can make it simple. It only matters that I confront fear, make a list, and indulge distraction, fifteen minutes at a time. Using a timer, I withdraw my frustrated attention from seeking the reasons I fail. I place my loving attention on what needs nothing more than my time.

FLYING from here to there is one baby step and fifteen minutes from now. Simply, I can set my timer, shine my sink, and FLY.


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