Where’s My Digest?

Dear FlyLady,

I used to receive your emails on a daily basis and I had to stop because I was getting so many emails! This week, when I saw your email about updating your emails, I almost unsubscribed right away…but I thought it would be good to get them again…you’ve got great information. But, I must say, I have probably received 10 emails today alone about decluttering! Great topic but this is something that should be in a blog that I would go to and read. But to receive this many emails is way too many
and I will probably end up unsubscribing!

Don’t want to give you the wrong impression about your business because I love reading
it but this is overkill!


Dear Donna,

We knew that not having a digest was going to present a bit of a problem for some of you. We started our email group in 1999 and we were blogging before blog was even a word. We do something that is literally changes people’s lives if they will allow the emails to “SINK IN”. We do behavior modification using email.

Our FlyBabies lovingly refer to this as “FLY-WASHING”!

In our second email on our new delivery system; I explained that we did not have this as an option. We have put our heads together today and we have come up with something we are calling “FLYLADY LITE”.
This will not be every email that goes out but it will be a selective group of them.

We think this will help those of you who can’t delete the emails without reading them. (You know this is perfectionism, don’t you?)

As for all the decluttering emails; February’s habit is Decluttering! This is what we do! We help you get rid of your clutter and CHAOS! Isn’t that why you joined in the first place!

Here is what you have to do to sign up for FlyLady Lite. At the bottom of this email, you will see an icon called Safe Unsubscribe. In that box you will click on the link that says, Update Profile/Email Address. From there it will take you to Constant Contact and you can subscribe to our FlyLady Lite Daily Email.

Change is always hard! I am so proud of my team for making this transition so easy. We have some fun things that we can do with our new FlyLady Email Engine. I hope you stick around to see! If you can’t stay then we promise you that we will be here when you are ready to come back to FlyLady!

We are FLYing Higher Now!

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