What is Family Fun Day?

Dear Friends,

So what is Family Fun Day?? We have set aside Saturday’s to spend time with your family doing fun stuff; NOT CLEANING HOUSE ALL DAY OR WASHING CLOTHES!!!

Growing up; Saturday was the day that we got yelled at for not cleaning things right! This is because of perfectionism and that “I don’t have time today; so we will do it on Saturday!” I always hated Saturdays.

Saturdays should be fun not dreaded by the family. Get the things done every day so you will have plenty of time to celebrate being a family. Kids grow up way to fast anyway; so take this time to make house cleaning not a chore but a blessing that can be done a little every day. You will be so happy to spend 15 minutes a day maintaining your home instead of an all day cleaning marathon on Saturdays.

We are about so much more than just cleaning house. That has always made me so sad when some one would say; stick to cleaning house; we don’t need all this other stuff. Well, I feel that our homes are just a symptom of our lack of loving ourselves. If I can teach you that if you will take care of yourself first then the house will come together.

This is also true for helping to teach your children that housework is not a chore; but a way to bless our families. This is why we bless the house; not clean like chickens with our heads cut off. If we will make it fun! FlyLady really knows how to get us going with her missions. We do them knowing that over 500,000 other people are doing them too. It is so much fun to be a part of something that helps so many people.

Timers keep us focused and help us to play a game against the clock, the FlyLady magnet is there to encourage and remind us and our water bottle keeps us hydrated.

Making it fun will get the job done! Try it sometime, but not on Saturdays. Do just a simple morning routine; then spend precious time with your babies!!!

No more yelling; I don’t have time!! You do if you will set your timer for 15 minutes. You can do anything for 15 minutes. This will keep you from marathon cleaning and yelling on Saturday!

Are you ready to FLY and have fun on Saturday!


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