FLYing Lets the World Spin

Flylady says, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I thought – this lesson is not one I need.  I know what is important in life. I am patient with flight delays, if the cat spills his water, when I lose my umbrella.

I discover, FLYing, there is no “sweat” in “stuff” I expect. I bring a book when I travel, keep a towel under the water dish and have a spare umbrella. Prepared, it is easy to keep my cool.

Weighed down with troubles, I want to stop the world from spinning, catch my breath and figure out what to do. I can keep things from worsening if there are no surprises. I can hope for peace, if I avoid confusion. I fault uninvited change for complicating chaos.

I want a “pause button” for my life.

But – the world spins, with or without my attempt to hold it all still. I cannot control who lives and who dies, who stays and who leaves. I cannot fix all my disasters. There will be changes I want and do not want. Changes I expect. Changes I do not expect.

When I seek answers in familiarity and control, chaos hides the source of my real pain. I become confused about what is important. In the collision of chaos and unexpected “small stuff”, I “sweat”.

There is often a “big thing” I am unable to release, under the “small things” that I “sweat”. My greatest FLYing lesson is understanding an impatient reaction to “small stuff” is a warning that the “big stuff” is getting too heavy to carry.

The loving gift that lightens everything is to lift my finger off “pause”. Anxiousness dissolves, when I stop trying to be the axis. I find what is important, is love. The real pain heals, in the acceptance of letting life change.

I FLY, when I let the world spin. I FLY with peace, when I remember; it is God, who spins the world.


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