Saving Dinner Saves Me Money!

Dear Team –

Saving Dinner has saved me!!!

Money is tight and time is precious! I generally do not cook…. At least I did not cook. Now I do!! and I’m Not BAD!! I DO suck at “whats for dinner on TUESDAY??” really?? I don’t know what I will be DOING on Tuesday much less what will be for dinner!!

The Saving dinner plan is EASY – weekly ingredients listed, meals planned (according to the SEASONAL FOODS). I have 2 boys and Shared parenting so some nights I don’t have to cook – so my week plans last a week and a half. (which saves me MONEY) Last nights leftovers often feed just me the next night – or lunch the next day. The Meals are REALLY GOOD! They are healthy and with the serving suggestions they are balanced! My Kids ACTUALLY LOVE THE FOOD!

My youngest 9 db, who is often my sous chef, said to me, Mom, this cookbook is great! You use it all the time and the food is always good! It is great to have the time to spent with my helper and make food they will actually eat! Thanks so much!! We are ready for another issue!!

Helpless Meal Planner!!

FlyLady here: Leanne Ely, The Dinner Diva, helps you plan, prepare and cook healthy meals. You and your family will be eating more healthy and you will be saving money.

We are in the kitchen zone this week. This would be a good time to think about what’s for dinner. Check out Leanne’s website Saving Dinner.

You can also order some of Leanne’s excellent cookbooks from the Fly Shop.
Saving Dinner, Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way and Saving Dinner Basics.

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