Drowning in CHAOS

Dear FlyLady,

A friend first mentioned your site to me over 10 years ago, which seems unbelievable! Even more unbelievable? It took me until now to really “get” your system.

For years I lived in CHAOS, but out of stubbornness (insanity?!) I still didn’t adopt the FlyLady routine. I have two DD (8 and 2), 3 dogs and a wonderful new husband. We are slowly blending our household belongings, our regular schedule is hectic, and as his recent deployment began I found myself drowning in CHAOS.

So I shined my sink…and I shined it again, and again, and again… Now 3 weeks later I have made FlyBaby steps in the right direction. Mounds of clutter have found their way to charity/trash/recycling. My sink is still shining and, thanks to your new Cozi calendar system, we haven’t missed (or been late to) an appointment or engagement in weeks! My laundry is no longer the great-laundry-monster sitting on my bed waiting for me, and the Hot Spots are slowly cooling off.

In short, for the first time in * years*, CHAOS doesn’t rule my life. My purple rags in a bag, water bottle, dish brushes and rubba scrubba all arrived today. Already I can tell those purple rags and I will be best friends! I love that they didn’t stick to my fingers when I took them out of the wash to air dry them. And I am not dreading tomorrow’s mission, scrubbing my kitchen counters.

I wanted to thank you, and your community, for the constant positivity and encouragement. I need to read (several times a day, and I am NOT kidding) that I am not behind. I felt like I was. And just a few short weeks later, I am finally keeping pace. With your routine and with my life.

Thank you FlyLady team! You are a true blessing to my home. And now, I am off to shine my sink!

Jen, Fort Walton Beach, FL

FlyLady here: I want to thank Jen’s husband for his service to our country. We will keep Jen and her family in our thoughts and prayers during his deployment.

We send a shout out to all the military families around the world.

Routines and habits will help you fling the CHAOS and FLY!

There are many great tools in the FlyShop.

We appreciate your love and support.

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