FLYing Releases Clutter Addiction

I know I can have the dream I want. I know my heart’s joy, in a dream awakened.  I know the consequence of betraying my soul, in a dream smothered. I know clutter flares into chaos. I know chaos burns my dreams.

I know, the roadblock to dreams is clutter. But – clutter is my addiction.

I will not de-clutter. I will not allow my dream. Paralyzed, apathetic, waiting for tomorrow, I will not eliminate the clutter that stands between my dream and me.

I have learned, FLYing, when sentiment is balanced, it meets the test of love, use and need.  When sentiment is a form of clutter-addiction, dependence upon preserving my past is excessive and indiscriminate.

The question in addiction is not “what” is done, but “why” it is done.  My clutter-addiction clings to fear.  Fear attaches to my pain.  Within the pain, is the lost trust in love.  Love failed me.  I failed love.

The illusion of clutter-addiction is that I can find love without pain in love’s memory.  The truth of clutter-addiction is chaos, confusion and the absence of real love in this moment of my life.

Clutter is not love. Clutter is my substitute, for love.

Though love is what I fear, love is the only way out of clutter-addiction. Flying guides a brave small step of love, release and forgiveness. Fifteen minutes of de-cluttering, awakens my dreams.  Love, sets me free to FLY.


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