We Have to Focus

Dear FlyLady,

My daughter introduced me to your website early on. She is a BO and knew first hand that I am a SHE! I would follow your suggestions as much as possible but didn’t make a whole lot of progress, when I was working and even after I retired, six years ago.

I know I have been flywashed, and I can (and do) quote you word for word to my friends, relatives, grandchildren, and even strangers. Like most SHE’s I am not materialistic, but I am sentimentally attached to material things – toys the grandchildren played with, clothes that I “might” fit into again, even things just because I had them (I’m responsible for loving this inanimate object). Yes, I know it’s stupid, but we are what we are.

Anyway, my main point is, after years of reading the emails, making false starts, and knowing in my heart that your system works, it has finally kicked in, kind of all at once. I can’t tell you how many Control Journals I started (and stopped), but one day I sat down at my computer and made out a one page control journal to follow.

If we don’t focus (timer here) we have a tendency to wander off to another task, start a new one, check emails, do a crossword, and just generally get derailed.

Over a period of several months, with tweaks and revisions, I have combined your basic Daily To Do list, Daily Missions, Weekly Home Blessing, Zones (customized for the specific ares in my home so I don’t miss any rooms), your special tasks, i.e. menu planning, anti-proscrastination, etc., onto one sheet which I can check off as I go through my day.

I print a new one every week and attach it to a magnetic board on my refrigerator. It has been my savior and even when I don’t get to every single thing every single day, I notice the house is much neater overall. (And checking things off is a great motivator.) I have a long way to go, but I have had a sea change in getting there.

The best part, and the final light bulb moment about decluttering, came when I decided to clean out and paint the guest room and what had been a playroom for my grandchildren, who have all outgrown it. I reclaimed the playroom for myself, painted it a color I like and renamed it my Sanctuary. The guest bedroom (formerly a Junk Room) is now a welcoming place for visiting family and guests (and for me when my husband is snoring). I’ve heard you talk about peace for years but didn’t experience that kind of peace until now. Every time I walk into either of those rooms, or even walk past one and glance in, I get such a calm feeling and enjoy the rooms so much.

I suppose like all SHE’s, I’m now wondering why I didn’t do it years ago. One of my favorite sayings is “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thanks for being my teacher.

Susan in AZ

FlyLady here: Susan has learned what she needs to have to focus and FLY.

You can take the control journal and Daily Flight Plan and adapt them to fit your life and the way you can do things to FLY!

The timer is the tool that helps you FLY.

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