Soaring Through a Snow Storm

Dear FlyLady,

As I’m sure you know, we have had quite the snow storm up here in the Northeast. Here in Maine we had a record 29″ of snow in less than 48 hours!

My DH, my 2 DS (9 and 2) and my DD (6) and I have been home since Thursday night, personally I haven’t set foot outside since then What I have felt in the last 2 days is the first sign of peace. A peace I have longed for for years.

I had my menus planned, and went to the grocery store ahead of time, only going Thursday for a few last minute items. We live in a 1000 sq ft. house and with all 5 of us home for 2 days I didn’t lose my patience even ONCE!! Go ME! I had items in the pantry to make cookies with my kids, pop corn for a movie, DH made pancakes for breakfast with whip cream and blueberries and yummy dinners were already planned so no take out food was needed.

My DH and I sat and did a puzzle today…I can’t tell you the last time that happened! The house is clean, we were warm and momma was happy! I can’t tell you how many friends and family I talked to over the last few days or saw their posts on facebook about how annoyed they were with this storm, annoyed that they had to stay home.

I realized that with all our technology we have become so impatient and hate being inconvenienced by having to stay home….maybe because our homes are Chaotic, not peaceful!!???

Well with your help, I was able to have a peaceful home, whether the storm with not a drop of annoyance, and actually enjoy the beauty of an amazing snowfall. Now all three children are snuggled in their beds and mommy and daddy get a little R&R.

Thank you Dear Flylady, without you, this would NEVER have been possible!!

Soaring through the Storm in Maine!!

FlyLady here: This storm has impacted so many people.

Were you prepared and able to FLY through it?

Routines and babysteps help you be prepared for the unexpected.

Create your control journal and follow it. This is your guide to FLYing.

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