Top 10 in No Particular Order

FlyLady and crew,

Here are my top ten — in no particular order as I am writing them as they pop into my head!

1. My evening routine — my greatest tool! My 2 teenage DD’s left for the first day of school calm and relaxed knowing they have everything they need with them because we got it ready the night before.

2. The peace that I have and it spreads to those around me. Once again my teenage DD’s were peaceful and ready for the day even though they both had schedules that were incorrect. They had the peace in them to deal with it in a calm manner.

3. The peace in me that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become more of a person than I ever thought I would be.

4. My fly hubby who after 4 years of me flying solo he has started to dry the sink, go through his mail everyday, and make the bed! 🙂

5. The peace my 16yo BO DD feels because I have a routine she knows she can count on.

6. The peace my 13yo SHE DD feels because she knows where to go when she can’t figure out what is suppose to be done next — yeah control journal!

7. My FlyLady calendar — large enough that we all can see it form the dinner table when we are discussing our day and the next day. Even DH has started writing his commitments on it:)

8. My dinner table where we all can connect almost everyday with a nourishing meal to enjoy! Even the DD’s would rather come home and eat than go to the local fast food hangout with their friends most of the time!

9. That my home is mostly decluttered (even after 4 years I am still working on it) so that my DD’s are happy to bring their friends over and have them share in our family meals and events!

10. Learning how to recognize and let go of perfectionism. My BO DD tries new things because she no longer frozen by the need to be “perfect”, my SHE DD no longer beats herself up (that one brings me purple puddles of joy that I was able to give her the tools to deal with the perfectionism monster), and my DH is happy to have a home where even if it is not as clean as it could be it is good enough and the people in it are happy!

Thank you all for answering the call to help us all!

Florida Flybaby

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