Routines are Not Straight Jackets

Dear Friends,

We have all been guilty of whining! Me too. It is when we realize we are whining that can stop it.

Whining is an excuse for not doing what needs to be done. We say we don’t have time or that no one else helps me so why should I do it. Then we go on strike! Wow that is an ugly thought.

A strike is something that workers do in order to make working conditions better! That is joke when it comes to our homes. We all know what happens when we don’t do what needs to be done! The house falls apart right around us and it is even worse than it was before.

I know you all don’t believe me, but if you will just do a simple morning routine (3 items) and a simple before bed routine(3 items) you will start building the foundations of a peaceful home. Your routines are not strait jackets! They are the stepping stones that guide you through your day!

I like to think of them as learning a new dance step or aerobic workout! You don’t join a class and know all the steps. You have to put a few steps together in one little section and when those steps become automatic then you add other steps.

I don’t expect you to do my full blown routines. Just use them as a guide. Adapt them to fit your family, but there are some key steps that you can’t leave out!

Laying your clothes out at night
Shining your sink
Go to bed at a decent hour
Getting up and getting dressed to LACE-UP Shoes, Fixing your hair and face
Swishing and swiping the bathroom while you are dressing
Make your bed

All of these things will do one important thing to you! Put a smile on your face. We all need to smile more. Did you know that you are less likely to whine if you are smiling?

Are you ready to dance(FLY) through your day with a smile on your face?


This testimonial was the God Breeze for this Morning Musing:

Dear FlyLady,

I am sorry you are getting flack about your messages. I think you are right. Also, I think that those who criticize are frequently looking for an excuse not to do what needs to be done – ie: sweep the floor and make the dinner, etc.

How often have we gotten mad at our DH and thought “the heck with it, he can make his own dinner for a change?” Often what we’re angry about is trivial, but it’s a good excuse to sulk and lounge around. Likewise, those who criticize your spelling and grammar mistakes are looking for excuses not to follow your program. After all, I wouldn’t make those mistakes, so I’m better than you and don’t have to sweep under the bed, right? It’s a twisted perfectionism. If I concentrate on the mistakes, I can ignore the message. We perfectionists are easily irritated, and love to feel superior as we throw up our hands in disgust and say “well, what does she know?”

Well, I’ll tell you what FlyLady knows – she knows a crummy excuse when she hears it, and is rightly going to tell us to shape up and quit whining. After only two weeks on FlyLady’s program, my house looks better than it has in years, and my English Lit degree had nothing to do with it!

Frankly, Marla, you can make all the mistakes you want – just don’t give up on us.

Thanks for everything.
FLY Baby G in Canada

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