My Purple Rags Turned Green

I’m a German SHE who’s learning to fly (I’ve been diagnosed with major depression, and I suffer from Trichotillomania – your great concept helps me to really love myself again). Some weeks ago I ordered your water bottles because I’m one of those people who constantly need to be reminded to drink enough. I spontaneously added the purple rags to the shopping cart, and the package arrived last week.

The guy at the customs office smirked when he opened the carton… his face was like “why on earth should someone order bottles and rags from overseas?!”. Well, now I know that it was the right decision! I love the bottles, they are the perfect size to take along each day. Cleaning is a breeze, so I can get rid of my old bottle collection – I finally found the perfect bottles!

As for the rags, I instantly loved the great color and shiny texture. My bathroom sink needed a new shine anyway, so I quickly washed one rag in a little soapy water and cleaned the sink with it. Nice, but not spectacular – until I used a second rag to dry the sink. Wow, no need to wipe twice, it was dry in an instant!

Can you imagine a high-gloss glass coffee table in a pigsty? We got the table from my brother (who’s as neat as Adrian Monk, my total opposite) because his wife didn’t really like the table’s look. It has two round glass tiers which are turnable. In our home, it got a fancy fingerprint design around the edges in no time… when I clean it, I usually take my Sidolin bottle (that’s like Windex) and wipe several times until I see no more streaks.

Yesterday, I thought it was time to clean the table again, but this time I wanted to stress-test my new purple rags. Cleaning the surface with the damp rag was easy, the smudges and fingerprints (and our cat’s paw prints) came off without much effort. What really got me excited was when I used the dry rag – my glass table just shines! No streaks, not even in bright daylight! No more use for chemicals! Your purple rags are, in fact, green! Thanks so much for giving us wings!

Alles Liebe aus Deutschland


FlyLady here: Our purple rags really do turn a nice shade of GREEN when we use them instead of chemicals and paper towels.

Our water bottles make our world a greener place too!

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