FlyWashing Together

Dear FlyLady,

I talked about your “fly washing” so much to my Mom she signed up for your emails as well. We are fluttering together!! Like mother like daughter….like SHE like SHE!

My mom is recently widow and has lived in her house since it was built over 46 years ago!! And she is “crafty” …. Can you say lots of clutter?

Thanks to your “fly washing” she now has two bedrooms and two bathrooms “company ready”. I now tease her about having a “bed and breakfast” …these 4 rooms are beautiful but they are also very functional….something my Mom has always wanted.

My aunt (who is BO) recently visited for several days and they both enjoyed the visit sooo much. My Mom was able to enjoy the visit for several reasons.

One, she didn’t have to “kill” herself and me trying to get her house “company ready”.

Two, she laid out her clothes for the entire week.

And three she planned her meals and purchased her groceries according to her meal plan.

Mom even admitted that she felt like she was on “vacation” in her own home.

I am so proud of her for letting go of things and conquering her clutter one room at a time.

Thank You Thank You Thank You for understanding our SHEness and helping us FLY.

Fluttering on the Farm in Alabama

FlyLady here: We offer our condolences to Marie’s mother.

It is a delight that Marie has shared her own Fly Washing. Now her mom is FLYing, too. We want all FlyBabies to be able to enjoy company. You do this when you fling the clutter and CHAOS.

Our habit this month is dressing to shoes. This is so much easier when you choose your clothes the night before. All you have to do is get up and get dressed!!

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