Shoes Give You Wings

Dear Friends,

I have always said that your shoes tell your head that it is time to get up and do something. Those shoes or shall I say the lack of them keeps us tethered to the ground. Lace up those shoes and watch your wings start sprouting.

When my lace-up shoes are on my feet, I feel empowered. “Not having on┬ámy shoes” is no longer an excuse to put off something that needs doing. Where are your shoes?

We get asked all the time, “Do they have to be lace-up shoes?” The reason we want your shoes to lace-up; is that lace-up shoes are harder to get off. When you have been barefoot as long as I was; I hated shoes and unconsciously I would kick them off. This is why I ask you, “Where are your shoes?”

When I was developing my habit of wearing shoes I would have an alarm set to remind me to look at my feet and go searching for my shoes. Then I realized that if I tied them to my feet, that they were harder to get off and I didn’t have to look for my shoes any more. When the alarm would go off I would look at my feet and celebrate!!! I have my shoes on!! Yippee!!! Go Me!!!

I want you to look at our little acronym SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive). All it takes to get a SHE FLYing is to put her SHOEs ON. If you are still shaking your head NO at me then I want you to prove me wrong!! Give wearing shoes an honest try! Lace up those shoes for a whole month and what your world change.

If your shoes hurt your feet; you need new ones. You are worth it. You would not allow your children to go without the proper shoes. As we always say, “SHOEs are a tool!” Our guys will do a job just to get a new tool. We have to change the way we think about ourselves. We have to treat ourselves as well as we treat others. Our shoes are tools that help us to take care of the world.

Go get your foot measured. We all think our feet are smaller than they really are. Try on shoes till you find a pair that makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. Then when buy them; write the date on the tongue of your shoe; because after about three or four months of wearing them every day you are going to need a new pair. You won’t think that you will, but you will start to notice little aches and pains in your legs, feet, shins, hips and lower back. This is a sign that your shoe shock absorption has broken down and your joints are
absorbing the impact of each step you take.

Do you want to feel better; a little more pep in your step? Well put on your shoes and quit rebelling against a tried and true method that will get you FLYing!!!


PS – This does not mean you can’t wear your pretty and cute flats, sandals or heels, when you are at home and working to take care of your family and home, get dressed to lace up shoes!

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