Injured Foot Requires Shoes

Dear FlyLady and Fly Team,

I laughed when I read the new habit for the month of March.

Putting on lace up shoes was one of the things I had disregarded. I decided it didn’t gel with me- I don’t wear shoes in the house!

Well….. it seems the Lord is on your side. I developed a heel spur and now I have to wear lace up sneakers all the time. I am not allowed to walk barefoot or in slippers etc.

One of the contributing factors to my injury was probably walking bare foot on hard surfaces all the time. I hear this little voice in my head saying “you know, the FlyLady did tell you to wear your shoes- look what happens when you don’t do what your told -LOL.

Thank you for all that you do, all that you inspire and all the happiness you bring. You are amazing and a true blessing.

And, I will do as I am told from now on!

FlyBaby Nataleigh

FlyLady here: I would never say it that way! I would say, Please wear your shoes, your feet deserve to be loved just like you do!

Words can be Kind or Mean; the Choice is yours in 2013! Learning to quiet those mean voices in your head will give you wings to FLY!

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