Shoes for the Occasion

Dear FlyLady,

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

My indoor shoes make such a difference in my day! They keep my feet warm and comfortable and give me energy. We keep our home on the cooler side by choice. If I don’t have my lace-up shoes on my feet I am tempted to crawl back into bed all day! It is hard to get anything done if I am under the covers!

I have different shoes for different tasks and although it seems expensive, it is worth every penny to have the support that my body needs.

Lace-up shoes for inside the house
Shoes for tending the sheep and gardens
Hiking shoes for my daily 10 kilometres with the dogs
Lace-up shoes for “going to town” (errand day)
Shoes for the gym
Dress-up shoes for dinner parties

I used to complain about needing to change my shoes multiple times each day, but not any more.

My wonderful feet support my body and deserve to be comfortable. I am a SAHM and am often on my feet from 5:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night.

I am the official “support person” and I love the role. The success of my family (individually and collectively) depends upon me. So, as my family depends on me, my body depends on the support of my feet.

Many thanks to you and your team. Your structure and encouragement supports me to support my family.

Flying in my lace-up shoes in Victoria, BC, Canada

FlyLady here: Our habit for March is Dressing to Shoes.
I love hearing your shoe stories! Send them to me, with SHOES in the Subject line

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